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The absolute worst customer service I have ever heard of. Tarcia is more concerned with feeling vinidicated than she is with providing good customer service. She decided to charge my wife a $35 fee for missing an appointment, she missed this appointment because our 5 year old son was running a fever of 102 and she had to take him to the doctor, something Tarcia repeatedly told my wife she did not care about. Take into account my wife has already paid $350 for services that Tarcia has yet to render, and now refuses to refund. Tarcia kept stating she has to run a business. Im not sure what kind of business she believes she is running, but she advertises a service business and clearly she does not care to provide good customer service. Good service would be to honor the $350 she was paid, good customer service would be to allow my wife to pay the $35 fee on one of the other four sessions shes already paid $350 for and yet to receive. Great customer service would be to accept the fact that emergencies come up, be empathetic to the fact that our 5 year old was sick, something we were able to prove via receipts, and just say hey, Im sorry you missed that appointment because your son wasnt feeling well, I know you were looking forward to it, and I hope hes feeling better now, Ill waive this $35 fee as an exception. But Tarcia is not empathetic, she does not care about her clients. Something Tarcia stated to my wife numerous times before calling the sheriff on her because she was upset that her PAID services were not going to be rendered. We will be reporting her to the BBB as she has now stolen $350 from us and caused myself to miss a days worth of wages. Tarcia is supposed to be selling a relaxing experience, instead she decided to provide one of the most stressful situations we have ever experienced. If this is the service that Tarci is so proud of STAY AWAY!!!

(Anonymous, 25 days ago)

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I have been so impressed with the results of facials that Tarcia has given me. In my mind I call her Dr. T because she has performed a miracle with my skin! Michele M.

(Anonymous, 1,146 days ago)

Excellent customer service. Kimberly give wonderful relaxing massages. Tarcia makes your face youthful once again. I highly recommend the services here.

(Anonymous, 1,194 days ago)

Great experience!

(Anonymous, 1,195 days ago)

Always a great experience.. My skin feels good and my body relaxed.

(Anonymous, 1,212 days ago)

Tarcia is an awesome professional! The environment is so peaceful, relaxing, and clean...a series of HydraFacials prior to my wedding day left my skin looking radiant and healthy. I have benefited from the eyebrow shaping as well as the make-up and eyelash application sessions. Everyone I know has raved about my transformation. The best part is that she taught me how to maintain the results from my facials-although I still look forward to going once a month.

(Anonymous, 1,213 days ago)

Tarcia did an amazing job! The HydraFacial left my skin feeling and looking great! I look forward to the next HydraFacial with Tarcia.

(Sabrina T., 1,218 days ago)

Tarcia is most professional and knowledgeable with her facial services. And the atmosphere is warm and relaxing!

(Anonymous, 1,218 days ago)

If you have never had a facial and massage at the same time, you must try it. I was very impressed how it was done. Its the ultimate pampering. Thanks Tarcia and Kim for making me feel so special.

(Anonymous, 1,448 days ago)

I am 65 years old and had my first 4 step facial with Tarcia 10 days ago. Didn't know what to expect. She was very professional and explained what she was doing. I couldn't really see the results the first day..it was cloudy outside, but when I put on my moisturizer than night, my face felt as smooth as glass. The next day the sun came out and I could really see a difference. My face actually looked brighter! Going tomorrow for my second visit and looking forward to it!

(Anonymous, 1,456 days ago)

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